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All About Huskys

By Gerry Blake

  • Release Date: 2013-01-19
  • Genre: Pets


Get The Definitive Husky Ownership Guide.

Whether you own a Husky, or are considering it, existing owners agree that this is the "must have" owner's manual. Husky are extremely rewarding companions that develop loyal bonds with their owners. 

The breed dates back centuries, and to this day they are most well-known for their unwavering protective nature and ability to serve as loyal companions.
This comprehensive owners guide provides you with the most critical information, resources, and training strategies needed to successfully raise and care for your Husky.

From choosing the right puppy, to caring for your Husky, the information within this guide will serve as your "go to" resource for years to come.

Highlights from the The Complete Guide to Huskys:

 The Right and Wrong Reasons for Buying a Husky
 Breed Overview and Ownership Expectations
 How the Husky Adoption Process Really Works
 All About Husky Puppies
 Preparing Your Home for a Husky
 How to Keep Your Dog Healthy, Safe, and Happy
 Common Health Problems
 Caring for Husky Health Issues
 Exercise & Activity Expectations
 Showing Your Husky
 Training for Guard Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Herding Dogs, & More
 The Aging Process and Life Expectations
 Hundreds of Tips and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

As with all dog breeds, there are many advantages and disadvantages to owning a Husky. From the day you bring home your new puppy, or adopt, you will be bombarded with questions and concerns. It is critical that you have all of the required proper care information available, at any time, so that you do not make any costly errors or put your new best friend into danger.

The importance of proper training and care, from the start, cannot be understated. The worst problems in Husky ownership almost always start early. Be pro-active, learn everything there is to know about Husky ownership, and get started on the right track.

From the puppy days to the later years, new and sometimes difficult decisions are required from Husky owners. This manual will help you make the correct decision, based on medical and training best practices, so that you never go to sleep worried about your pet's health or mood.

Ultimately, this guide will prepare you for the vast array of purchasing, adoption, training, healthcare, and expectation-related information that will confront you at one time or another.

This complete manual includes photographs, and nearly a dozen chapters full of useful information for your Husky. Additionally, the manual includes a very helpful table of contents so that you can easily and accurately find the important information you are looking for in an instant. 

The complete manual is designed to help first-time dog owners and experienced individuals alike, with ease and clarity.

Purchase the The Complete Guide to Huskys today and save yourself from costly mistakes that could create financial disasters, poor long-term behaviour, and increased stress in both you and your dog's living environment. A well-prepared Husky owner makes for a happy, and healthy dog.

With our 100% No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. A more caring, loving companionship with your chosen, loyal friend.

Be prepared to care. Get The Complete Guide to Huskys’ now

Take care of yourself and… Your Husky

Gerry Blake